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Operation Endurance


A challenging environment, a need to get afloat and a need to stay afloat all combined in a realistically demanding business scenario.

With no time to spare, your team must plan, finance and construct your craft in a bid to excel against the competition.

Given a competitive brief, specialist resources and ample opportunity, your teams must undertake a range of challenges from the purely mental to the practical and of course the physical.

In order to succeed, your competing teams shall have to play to their strengths, maximising their opportunity to out-perform the competition in the grand finale.

Can your team display the critical 'Success' factors such as effective planning, clear and concise communication, problem solving, trust and ultimately team working? There's only one way to find out...

Elements incorporated include the following with reviewing between phases and as necessary within interim challenges.

Phase 1 Energise

Phase 2 The Plan

Phase 3 The Earner 

Phase 4 The Build 

Phase 5 The Race

Project Endurance is a 'Competitive' concept incorporating the stages of 'Team Development' and facilitated to accommodate all abilities and preferences on an equal experience platform.

The activities in each phase are influenced by multiple factors with the aim of placing a constant and dynamic demand upon the attributes of the team.

Problem solving challenges, orienteering, raft building and racing are all core activities within this option.

Duration: 5-8 hours

Delegates: 6-36 (optional additional) (Teams of 6-8 delegates)

Locations: Various outdoor options UK & Ireland wide to suit

Full facilitation/resources provided

  • Introduction to Team Building & Leadership Development
  • The Benefits of Team Buiding & Leadership Development
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