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  • How to avoid pitfalls of managing an established team
    21 March 2016

    The cycle of group development that new teams experience when they are first formed is well known, and is summed up by the Tuckerman model of ‘Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing’. Because this behaviour is expected attention is given to it within an organisation.  Often those in positions of leadership, or responsible for HR and people development, will invest in team building to help the new team through this cycle. The leader will go out of his or her way to support indivi...

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  • Make Team Building a New Years Resolution

    If you are a team leader, a new year can be a good time to tackle some of those people performance issues that have been niggling away over the Christmas break. We all tend to return to the workplace after a holiday with a refreshed perspective and a renewed desire to achieve personal and professional development goals. So I was struck by the timeliness of a headline in Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development’s Jan 2016 People Management magazine, ‘Close bonds at work b...

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  • Is your Charity tapping into 'New Year' fundraising opportunities?

    A recent BBC business news feature highlights the growing attraction of pushing through the pain barrier with highly successful events such as such as ‘Total Warrior’ attracting thousands of participants. From extreme Bootcamps to Iron Men what was once the preserve of the fitness elite, is becoming mainstream as more and more people take on new activity challenges and help fund-raise for a charity at the same time. The New Year is when we all make resolutions to get fit, shed the...

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  • New Website Launched

    We've recently launched our new website. It's packed with information on all the activities and packages available here at Life Adventure Co, and gives you the opportunity to contact us for more information on what we offer.We offer the ultimate experience at Life Adventure Co, from Graduate Training and Team Building to Leadership Development we've got it covered. Be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages for all the latest updates from the team at Life Adventure ...

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